" The same fire

and drama

moved the cellist,

Moray Welsh,

in Bloch's "Schelomo",

and it was

the sheer

melodic passion

that was

most radiantly conveyed

in this



Daily Telegraph













































" Moray Welsh

turned the

expressive screw

to richly

vocal effect,

proving once again

that he is

second to none

among the

British league in eloquence."


The Guardian






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Press Reviews 



 Howells Fantasia

" Richard Hickox draws performances both brilliant and warmly persuasive from the LSO, with Moray Welsh a movingly expressive soloist."

                                                The Gramophone  Editor's Choice

Don Quixote under Bernard Haitink

"Moray Welsh stepped out from his place at the front of the cellos to conjure up the errant knight's exploits, and was especially moving in his death scene."  

 The Times

 Bridge  " Oration "

"Moray Welsh produced a wonderful tone, combined with a sense of passionate conviction."

Hong Kong Times

Don Quixote

"Moray Welsh brought total conviction to the death of Don Quixote, as well as subtle and vibrant musicianship."

"El Pais" Madrid

Howells Fantasia

"Moray Welsh is outstanding in the Fantasia and Threnody, and Hickox conducts with a sense of passionate commitment. A deelply satisfying disc no musical Anglophile will want to be without.People dont seem to realize that Moray Welsh is one of the finest living cellists.”

Paul Snook "Fanfare"

 Debussy Sonata

“ ....a febrile, urgent account of Debussy's evanescent Cello Sonata, boldly rhetorical, with pianist Simon Rattle enthusiastically responsive to the wide range of colour and dynamics from Moray Welsh's agile bow.”

Birmingham Post

Rachmaninov Sonata

“ On the evidence of this impressive new performance, Moray Welsh probably has stronger credentials in Rachmaninov's majestic Sonata than any other British cellist of his generation, having studied under Rostropovich at the Moscow Conservatoire.”

BBC Music Magazine

Dvorak Concerto

“ This was a totally invigorating performance, assuming as little as it conceded, and tough with a resilient character all its own. Mr Welsh plays on his cello as if he is carving the shape of the music out of seasoned wood.”

The Times

Tchaikovsky Variations

"The solo cellist, Moray Welsh, will remain longer in the memory than anything else. Moray Welsh proved himself a truly top class interpreter, whose highly structured musicianship and luminous tone, which is rarely heard in this intensity, totally caprured the audience."

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

Walton Concerto

"Moray Welsh played Walton's Cello Concerto with the utmost fluency, refinement and charm - an eloquent performance."

Helsinki Press

Elgar Concerto

" You won't be disappointed if you are lucky enough to hear Elgar's Cello Concerto played by Moray Welsh. I doubt whether it would be possible to draw these tones more distinctly or with greater skill than did Moray Welsh. In the art of this British cellist, a versatile and never failing technique is combined with a perfect ability to interpret the music."

Kuopio Finland

Dvorak Concerto

"An exceptionel interpretation of the solo part by Moray Welsh, a big-boned performance of powerful physical and emotional presence, which stretched, relaxed and tightened with the naturalness of a living organism."

The Daily Telegraph

Tchaikovsky Variations

"Moray Welsh's incisively pointed, strongly-bowed patterning of every figuration, his refined chamber-music making with the woodwind, the variety of voice within each cantabile line, are only random examples of an exquisitely imagined and executed performance."

The Times





" A  cellist of innate nobility."


                                                    Financial Times